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Article: Mario Dedivanovic's Review of Ilios

Mario Dedivanovic's Review of Ilios - Ilios Lighting

Mario Dedivanovic's Review of Ilios

Renowned Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic is one of the most acclaimed, followed, and influential makeup artists worldwide. Sought after for his artistry, passion, professionalism, and attention to detail, Mario helps draw out the most flawless version of an individual's natural beauty.

From education to social media to innovation, Mario is a visionary and pioneer at the leading edge of the beauty industry. He has built a global following, having taught and popularized the best-known makeup techniques of the last decade and ignited viral trends that have inspired and forever altered the beauty landscape.

In 2019, Ilios Lighting approached Mario Dedivanovic to help them perfect the world's first makeup mirror and ring light combination that mimics true daylight. Ilios Lighting was founded by Kelly Mondora, with 20 years of experience building professional lighting for the photography and motion picture industry. Together, the pair took their combined knowledge of makeup and lighting and created something extraordinary.

Since July of 2021, this cutting-edge product has graced the vanities of celebrities and influencers from around the world. Join Mario as he introduces Ilios Lighting to the masses in its first-ever product preview. Here Mario describes the background of how the light was developed alongside its amazing patented features.

To learn more, visit Ilios Lighting. 

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