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Kelly Mondora, founder

“I was consistently shocked by the poor-quality lighting used in consumer makeup mirrors,” said Mondora. “I knew I could design the best makeup mirrors the beauty industry has ever seen.”

committed to

our promise

Committed to attentive listening and understanding, we pledge to tailor our products to suit your everyday needs. Elevating your daily routine, we craft exceptional, one-of-a-kind solutions designed to empower you at every step.

behind ilios lighting

who we are

Ilios Lighting emerges as the brainchild of Kelly Mondora, a seasoned lighting specialist renowned for crafting numerous products tailored for the photo and video industry. Identifying a notable void in the market for premium lighting solutions within makeup mirrors, Mondora seamlessly integrated her expertise into a pioneering product range. These mirrors represent a breakthrough innovation, standing as the first and only ones to authentically replicate natural daylight, delivering unparalleled color accuracy. Setting an unprecedented standard for brilliance, Ilios mirrors radiate with unmatched brightness, unveiling every detail with breathtaking clarity.



Seeking validation from esteemed industry voices, Founder Kelly Mondora reached out to Mario Dedivanovic (aka Makeup by Mario) to pitch the product and gain insight from his well-respected perspective as a Hollywood makeup artist.

"Upon Kelly's approach to discuss lighting, I was immediately intrigued," stated Dedivanovic. "Lighting is paramount in everything I do, whether it's makeup application or content creation. I not only recognize the necessity for this product, but also the need for a company deeply attuned to our industry's nuances. The Ilios Beauty Ring mirrors natural sunlight with unparalleled precision. Its quality is simply flawless."

our talented co-founder

jerry ghionis

Kelly's strategic decision to enlist the expertise of renowned photographer Jerry Ghionis has proven to be instrumental in the success of Ilios Lighting. Drawing on his illustrious career and esteemed reputation as both an award-winning photographer and a Nikon Ambassador, Jerry brings invaluable insights into the artistry of photography and the nuances of lighting.

His endorsement of the Beauty Ring as a primary light source underscores its exceptional quality and its ability to produce stunning results straight out of the camera.



Ilios Lighting's launch of makeup mirrors that simulate daylight with 98% accuracy represents a major innovation in beauty technology. These mirrors enable more precise makeup application by closely mimicking natural light, ensuring that makeup looks consistent and accurate in various settings.



Ilios Lighting's makeup mirrors catch the attention of celebrities and influencers like Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Bella Hadid, Tati Westbrook, and Patrick Starrr. Their endorsement has not only increased visibility but also piqued the interest of the press and major retailers, leading a growing trend and broader market appeal.



Ilios Lighting has expanded its reach significantly by securing placement in major retailers worldwide, including Neiman Marcus, Dillard's, Bloomingdale's, and Harrods. This move puts their makeup mirrors in over 100 stores globally, broadening their market presence and making their innovative products more accessible to a wider audience.

the present


Ilios Lighting is building a strong reputation for quality as it expands further, with its products now available in over 250 stores globally and on The upcoming launch of a new product later this year continues to underscore the brand's commitment to innovation and excellence in the makeup mirror category.