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Article: Celebrity Makeup Artist Reviews Beauty Ring Light

Andrew Ybarra - Ilios Lighting Beauty Ring
beauty ring

Celebrity Makeup Artist Reviews Beauty Ring Light

Check out Las Vegas celebrity makeup artist Andrew Ybarra, talk about his experience with the Ilios Beauty Ring Light.

What makeup experts are saying

"Hi, my name is Andrew. I'm from Las Vegas, and I'm a makeup artist freelance artist, and I am obsessed with this light. It's amazing. I just used it on my client Jessica, and it is bomb.

I've used a million ring lights, and this one is just perfect. It has settings for lighting. There's like warm, cool, blend, so it gives you like all the options, which is amazing.

Yeah, it's just awesome. It's good to find something that actually works and is good quality, and it's easy to travel with. Also, the mirror is just amazing because I go through so many mirrors because I leave them at clients on accident, but it comes with the mirror too, which is awesome.

Honestly, this is going to be my new go-to light and I'm bringing this everywhere with me. It's super easy to travel with and just easy to bring around. I'm extremely excited to start working this".

Andrew Ybarra

Celebrity Makeup Artist Originally from San Francisco, Andrew moved to Las Vegas to further his artistry. He's a graduate of Marinello Beauty School & MAC Certified Artist, with years of experience in the beauty industry.

Andrew has done makeup for many fashion shoots and television shows, including MTV's The Real World, Playboy, FHM, and Jennifer Lopez's All I Have Residency. Andrew's passion for his artistry is apparent in his attention to detail and his ability to assess his clients' needs.

Beauty Ring

Color and lighting produced by the Ring Light Blend Warm and Cool light perfect for creating content. 

The reversible 1x and 5x mirror is constructed with distortion-free float glass and is oversized with hair styling and makeup in mind. The innovative smartphone arm incorporated into the design includes a magnetic pocket to store the adjustable holder.

Leaving no feature out, the Ilios Beauty Ring also offers convenient mobile device charging with a built-in USB-A charging port. For even greater versatility, the tabletop base was designed at the ideal height for makeup application, selfies and video conferencing on small to mid-sized laptops – and can also be mounted onto a height-adjustable light stand.

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