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What you need to know about CRI

You’ve got the outfit laid out. Your bestie came over and gave you a killer makeover. Now it’s time to get the perfect shot. No matter what you’re shooting with, the key to killing the Insta game is mastering lighting.

Not all lights are created equal.

Too many people find themselves in unflattering lighting with hues that misrepresent their look. It’s easy to ignore until it’s captured on someone’s story, archived for all of eternity. A true photographer would tell you to buy a ring light with a high CRI score—but what does that even mean?


Color Rendering Index

The Color Rendering Index is a rating system: 0 to 100. It judges lights by how accurately they represent a color. Consider scoring 100 to be the same as capturing the accuracy of sunlight, the truest coloring of an object.

Most ring lights score around a 70. This leaves users with a hue that changes the entire aesthetic of a shot. These lights are using 30-year-old technology.

Then there are lights with frosted coverings. This gives you residual red, yellow, and blue shades that are coming from the frosting process.

Other concerns

Lousy CRI scores aside, some ring lights have other things to be wary of. For instance, some lights flicker. An inconsistent source of light is the same archaic pain as using flash. In addition, you have minimal control and you’re guessing about where the light hits when it hits. Users also can’t overestimate the ease of the product. Sticking one’s face into the light isn’t a solution unless they buy the right ring light.

The solution

With Ilios Lighting, they did the hard work for you. They perfected three different modes of light: cool, warm and blend, that evenly light you with their 98 CRI-rated light. 98? Yeah that’s basically the sun in a ring light.

While other brands boast quality and commitment, Ilios Lighting lets the product boast for them. Their team shares 30 collective years of expertise in photography, makeup and video production. They know how to make and break a shot.

(Psst… it’s lighting.)

So they have worked tirelessly to bring a product to market that is expert-quality but easy for anyone to use.

Before and after

Who doesn’t love a good “before and after”? If you don’t believe us, take a picture in your bathroom’s vanity lighting. Then snag a photo using your Ilios Lighting’s ring light. Finally, if you need convincing, add a picture you take from the same angle outside.

A side-by-side-by-side comparison will prove that you’re about to change your influencer game forever.

With a new, high-CRI ring light (from Ilios Lighting), you will see an increase in the quality of your photos, purely because they’re what you wanted to capture, not a guesstimate of what your old lighting thinks you wanted to see.

All that stands between a good post and a fantastic post is a little bit of research and many CRI points. Can you say, “Lightbulb moment”?

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