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Article: What it takes to TikTok like a pro

What it takes to TikTok like a pro - Ilios Lighting

What it takes to TikTok like a pro

At this point, almost everyone is on TikTok. If that makes you think OMG Kesha! (RIP dollar sign days), you’re very late to a very fun party. Even the Moms have infiltrated the app. Cancel your yoga class, move brunch to next weekend, and be ready to lay in bed and scroll for the next four hours. Or, even better, start sharing!

So, real quick, TikTok is a social media platform that has taken the world by storm with its video-sharing capabilities. It’s free to download and free to post, and it’s available in over 40 languages. You can find a smorgasbord of content including (but definitely not limited to) fun dances, makeup tutorials, funny stories, skits, tired mom rants, and the occasional outcry of civil unrest. You can laugh, cry, learn, collab, and connect via TikTok’s world network.

While a lot of influencers, companies, and brands have moved a large share of their attention to TikTok, you can still stand out!

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be a TikTok sensation in the next 15 seconds to 3 minutes:

Know your strengths

TikTok is a great place to experiment with your boundaries and interests. It introduces you to a whole world of knowledge you wouldn’t necessarily have otherwise. Your scrolling could lead you to the makeup idea you needed to spice up date night, or the dance that gets you back into your tap shoes.

The beautiful thing is, there’s probably an audience for whatever it is you want to post:

  • If you want to show the world your skincare routine, someone will appreciate that.
  • If you enjoy baking unconventionally shaped and frosted cakes, you’re going to find your people.
  • If you’re a wiz at plant care, Plant Parent TikTok will welcome you.
  • If you can’t dance, be the worst dancer, there are others just looking to boogie!
  • If you can dance, be extra fabulous, Dancer TikTok is a wonderful place.

There are no rules!* *Never mind, there is a rule that still stands: If you’re not funny, don’t try to be funny.

Plan ahead

Start with the perfect setting: Scope out a place indoors that’s spacious enough to set up a tripod and a stand. Also, pick a place that is low traffic and doesn’t have noise interruptions.

Stay hydrated: Hydration will keep you cooled off and is great for adding fullness to your lips and firmness to your facial features. (Botox who?).

Know your routine: If you’re dancing, run it a few times. If you’re cooking, make sure you’ve got all the ingredients. If you’re showing off your shopping haul, get ready to link your discount code.

Bring a friend: It’ll be lonely at the top without your loyal bestie making killer videos with you.

Have fun: People can spot a phony. Give your 100 and people will respect your gutsiness, even if everything isn’t perfect.

Light your shot properly

If you’re going to be filming your own version of one of those makeup tutorials people do while telling a story about how three kids went missing in 1984, make sure you look amazing doing it. No matter how mesmerized (captivated? scared?) people are by the story you dub in, they’re still going to want the best lighting on the cut crease you just did.

As mentioned above, once you find the setting you think fits your needs best, set up a ring light. The light will make sure to brighten up your shot and even makes it easier for your camera to focus, because it’s not sorting through weird shadows that can blur the lens. Move away from the spotty, uneven lighting of vanity lighting or overhead lights. Do what the pros do.

Ilios Lighting’s Beauty Ring is built for a TikTok star-to-be.

With the Beauty Ring, you can cover so many needs. Use the reversible mirror in the light to do your eyebrows or put on your best face, whatever will make you most confident.

Then, use the posable arm in the light to hold your phone while you shoot. The Ilios Lighting stand allows you to take your Beauty Ring from desk use to a height of up to 5’5 for filming. It’s the ideal solution for any setting and the recording of any content, sitting or standing.

CRI-Rated Beauty Ring

With a 98 CRI-rated Beauty Ring, you’ll be harnessing a 98% accurate (compared to natural sunlight) light source to light up your path to TikTok stardom. No worrying about weird, unplanned hues or dingy, dim bulbs. The Beauty Ring has your back, your front, and all your angles in between.

Even if you’re shooting outdoors, the Beauty Ring will work with the natural light and you’ll be able to control shadows by blasting them away with your Beauty Ring. Stay in control of your shot.

While you’re waiting to hit the big time, before you have all those photo studios offering you their services, use the Beauty Ring and light the path to social media fame. Actually, you’re going to want to keep it handy, because it works great as a bonus light in those settings.

Become a TikTok somebody

You probably know someone from school, work, or your apartment building who’s gone even the least bit viral on TikTok. (Hopefully for their ability to bring back the whip and or nay-nay). Some people really strike it big, sometimes by sheer coincidence.

Interact with your followers, give them their due for sharing and liking your videos. They made you. They’ll appreciate shout outs when you get fan art and when you take their content suggestions. Keep them at the forefront of what you do.

Promise you won’t forget the little people when you’re collaborating with TikTok’s finest next week.

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