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Shoot your Best Shot with Ilios

Capturing the perfect selfie or reel isn’t rocket science, but it does rely on a few tricks of the trade. Lighting, makeup, and touch ups will go a long way, but these tips will help you nail the photoshoot with ease. Combine these tricks with your Ilios Beauty Ring to achieve the *perfect* shot every time.

For fuller lips

Avoid the iconic duck face look by simply breathing through your mouth. The practice will open your lips, relax your facial muscles, and give lips a naturally fuller effect with minimal effort.

Ilios beauty ring selfies

For balanced symmetry

Though our faces are mostly symmetrical, we often have slightly uneven proportions. While this usually isn’t picked up by the naked eye, a camera can capture the asymmetry – To even out the imbalance, turn your face to the left or right to angle your smaller features towards the camera. If one eye is slightly smaller than the other, turn that side towards the camera to shift the perspective and even out your facial symmetry

For a smaller face

If Tyra Banks taught us anything, it’s that large foreheads are to be celebrated. However, a pronounced forehead can look even more so in front of a lens; try tilting your face back and lifting your chin to minimize the length of your forehead and slightly alter the shape of your face. The same trick can be used to shrink the look of your nose or chin as well.

For a slimmer face

With a simple adjustment of angles, we can easily alter the proportions of our face. Achieve a slimmer facial structure by allowing your hair to frame your face and angle your part away from the lens. 

Ilios ring light selfie science

For extra oomph

We all know lighting can make or break a shoot – While you might have full lighting covered, don’t forget to consider backlighting. Incorporate lighting behind the subject, either using a window or additional ring light, to take your photos & video to the next level.

For a sexy look

To achieve a sexy look, combine our tip for fuller lips with a slight squint of the eyes and a head tilt to the right or left. Together, these three simple tricks will add just a touch of intrigue & mystique and result in a sexy look.

For a soft look

For a softer, feminine look, combine our tip for fuller lips, but instead round out the eyes this time. Additionally, angle the shoulders to the either the left or right and your face in the opposite direction. 

Whether you’re shooting and styling yourself or someone else, these tips & tricks combines with some ring light photography magic will make a huge difference. As always, give yourself options and experiment with poses, angles, and lighting. Need inspo? Follow us on Instagram @ilioslighting for regular content, tips, and tricks.

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