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Article: Lights, Camera, Ring Lights, Action

Lights, Camera, Ring Lights, Action

Lights, Camera, Ring Lights, Action

You’re scrolling through Instagram and it seems like everyone’s look is perfect.

Wrong—they’ve probably just mastered lighting. They then choose to only shed that light on the things that ignite your fear of missing out. You’re really just missing out on the best lighting to capture your best moments.

Why is lighting so important? Well, rainy days don’t feel so drab when the sun still peeks through. Light doesn’t just feed your plants, it brings out the life in all of us. The right lighting creates the atmosphere for your video or photo. It captures the mood. Professional photographers and Hollywood have known for years how powerful lighting’s effects are, but now its power is accessible to you. The Beauty Light lets you pick from three different color modes that capture the exact aesthetic you are looking for. The creators have lit hundreds of those Hollywood films and are bringing Pro lighting to the consumer world.

It starts with applying your favorite makeup look, a good makeup mirror is your best friend. No matter what the lighting in your room looks like, the perfect lighted makeup mirror mimics any natural light you may be missing. This gives you the tools to get a beautifully blended, perfectly contoured face because you see all the nooks and crannies you may otherwise miss. While preferring natural light is a valid stance, the halo lighting of The Beauty Ring can give you that all day long.

Never use flash again with Ilios beauty light

If you ask the experts (and those of us that have caught on) how to capture the best lighting they will tell you relying on a camera’s flash is a thing of the past. When a camera flashes, its job is to temporarily light what the camera then captures. You can take a dozen selfies trying to get rid of a shadow, but a ring light consistently lights while you get your angles down. So use your light to make sure you capture all that hard work and unlike flash, you can see where the light is falling

A lot of people have the experience of wanting to take a picture and instinctively wanting to go outside for the lighting. Most people just never thought of why. You can stand inside your bedroom and flip on every combination of lights to try and get a cute picture of you and the crew, but a ring light, a trip to the balcony, or both will save you so much time.

No need for flash with Ilios

Golden hour all-day

A good, ole fashion sunny day is still the best lighting one can get, being mindful of where the sun is and how shadows affect the framing. Did you miss optimum natural lighting created by today’s sun, don’t worry your ring light can save the day.

(Tip: Three hours after the sun comes up and three hours before it sets are optimal for lighting. Tanning hours are not your friend when it comes to shadows.)

The halo lighting you get from a ring light evenly distributes light towards the forefront of whatever is being captured. Not to mention it makes you look like a supermodel, without the light bouncing stands, the art director, or the heels making your dogs bark.

 All this withstanding, what’s in frame is just as important as how well-lit it is. So put yourself and your favorite moments in focus!


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