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Article: How to Create the Perfect Fresh Face for Spring

How to Create the Perfect Fresh Face for Spring - Ilios Lighting

How to Create the Perfect Fresh Face for Spring

Spring is here and that means warmer weather, going out more, the best lighting for photos, and colorful outfits. After a long winter, it’s time to have fun with your makeup and try out the newest trends for spring. Think bold colors, glitter accents, and anything that will show off your personality. This is your chance to experiment and show off your makeup looks. We put together some tips for having a fresh makeup look this spring and some current trends to try.

Makeup Tips for Beginners

Our best advice is to have fun while doing your makeup. If you can set up an area with great lighting, you’re sure to look the best when you get out under the sun in natural lighting. This is your time to be creative and show off the unique you. Find products that work well with your skin and that you like, and get to experimenting!

Natural Spring Makeup

For those who like to keep it natural, there are plenty of ways to incorporate spring makeup into your fresh look. Try matching with your new floral outfits or pastel basics. Light colors are popular and work well for everyday in the springtime.

How to Create the Perfect Fresh Face For Spring - Ilios Lighting

Soft Blush

Go for a more dramatic blush than normal to enhance the rosiness of your cheeks. Using lots of blush pinks and other warm colors is perfect for springtime. Emphasizing your blush makes your face pop out more in photos and means you don’t have to go heavy on the eyes.

Pink Lips

Having flushed lips is a perfect way to show off your favorite lip color in a subtle, natural way. You can achieve it by applying lipstick, stain, or a lip pencil in the center of your lips then blending the color all over. It won’t be as dramatic as simply applying everywhere and gives you a chance to wear bolder colors.

Hot Makeup Trends We Love

You don’t have to play it safe this spring. Instead, try out new trends and celebrity looks. Here are just a few ideas to test out.

Hot Makeup Trends We Love

Colored Eyeliner

Different colored eyeliner is a huge trend right now, plus it’s super fun to experiment with. You can keep it simple by replacing your regular winged eyeliner with a colored one or you can play around even more. There’s two toned eyeliner, batman eyeliner, and eyeliner looks that outline your eyelid. All of these can be done with blues, greens, yellows, or purples to make your eyes pop. Make sure to get a photo of your stunning eyes with a ring light that will do them justice.

New Colors

Besides the basic floral and pastel shades, some different colors have become popular for springtime makeup. Think bold red or mint green or periwinkle to spice up your regular routine. Color coordination is also on trend so you can play around with different shades of the same color.

Shimmery Looks

You’ve heard of glass skin, but this spring we’re taking it one step further. Make yourself shine with glitter eyeshadow or bright highlighter. There are no limits to how much you can shine.

We hope you have fun experimenting with makeup looks and taking pictures with your Ilios Beauty Ring. We want to see your looks this spring on Instagram @ilioslighting!

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