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Be Your Own Light and Put Your Best Face Forward

You probably hear this all the time, but it’s important to be gentle with yourself. We’re all doing our best, whatever our best consists of that day. That journey isn’t linear for any of us. Everyone is riding a wave of “okay”-ness it seems.

Most of us have that little voice in our head that can say some really nasty things. Have you ever tripped on a curb and just felt embarrassed wondering if someone else saw the mistake you made? You’re not alone, so many people are their worst critics. That makes it even harder to temper that voice when you get upset with yourself.

Best face forward

It’s important to remember that makeup is for bettering what’s already there: Enhancing your beauty and elevating your mood.

When you’re putting on your face, make sure you’re doing it for yourself. Bring out the beauty you already see and want to share with the world. Of course, be mindful of how you’re feeling. Take these moments of self-awareness to assess your mood and really check in with yourself.

Having these moments with yourself is so important for your mental health and how you connect with yourself.

Your “imperfections” are just what make you undeniably you. Embrace them and all the diversity they add to the world.

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Reverse plant psychology

Speaking about yourself in a “positive light” can bring you the same joy as the sun on your face. Nothing feels like loving and making space for yourself. You’re basically a houseplant. You need water, sunlight, and some love.

If you’ve joined the Plant Parent world, you probably already know that speaking to and encouraging your plants can help them grow and thrive. The same goes for humans. Positive reinforcement leads us to live a more honest experience as we step into decision making feeling supported by our tribe. Be a part of your own tribe, speak highly of yourself TO yourself.

Pro Tip: Name a plant after yourself. Take every nice thing you say to your namesake plant to heart. Because you deserve that love too.

Cheering section

Be your own biggest fan, but also surround yourself with a circle that shows you love and support when you can’t find it for yourself.

Life is so precious, you can’t take things with you when you go, but you get to leave impressions on the people you leave behind. Make sure you’re keeping your focus on people that bring positivity into your life.

When you work hard to reach your goals, take notes on who’s cheering and who’s resentful. Only people who are truly your people deserve a seat at your table. Your people are always cheering, always pushing you, and always there to pick you back up when you fall.

On days you can’t love yourself enough, lean on them in a way that respects boundaries, but highlights how much they add to your life. In turn, keep yourself mentally healthy so you can do the same for them in return.

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Being happy and doing good for others have a distinct correlation, use it wisely.

Take what you need, leave the rest. Whatever works is what matters! This is about bringing more light, life and positivity to your days.

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