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Suction Cup - Ilios Lighting


Most suction cups only hold a lighted mirror for a few hours, but this one will keep it in place until you’re ready to remove it. 

The unique magnetic design allows for quick and easy attachment of the rechargeable mirror to any glass or mirror surface.  The light can be tilted a full 90-degrees.

To attach, position the suction cup, then turn clockwise until you hear it click into place. To remove, turn counterclockwise and pull up on the rubber security tab.

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Heavy Duty

Most suction cups fall off in a few hours. This suction cup will hold the mirror in place until ready to remove it.  

Ilios Lighting Suction Cup for Rechargeable Cordless Battery Mirror
Ilios Lighting  Travel LED Mirror with Suction Cup

Twist-Lock Design

Twist the suction cup clockwise until it clicks in place so you know it’s secure and ready for attachment to your lighted makeup mirror. 

90-Degree Tilting

The unique design allows the lighted makeup mirror to be tilted in any position. 

Ilios Lighting Cordless mirror with suction cup

Works with these mirrors.