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Article: How to set up: Beauty Ring


How to set up: Beauty Ring

Setting up the Beauty Ring

Setting up the Mirror

Step 1 - Carefully pull all the components out of the box. You should have a tabletop base, a ring light with the mirror already inserted, a power cord, and a smartphone holder.

Step 2 - Remove the protective film from both sides of the mirror and unwrap all the components. 

Step 3 - Set the tabletop base onto a flat surface.  

Step 4 - Loosen the knob located on the ring light. Place the ring light on top of the tabletop base. Rotate the ring light slightly until it falls into place. Tighten screw. 

Step 5 - Locate the phone holder and insert into the back pocket located on the ring light head. 

Step 6 - Plug in the power adapter. The input is located on the back of the ring light. 

The mirror can be rotated by applying pressure on the mirror's 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions.

Adding on the 10 Mirror

The 10x mirror is sold separately designed to be attached to the Beauty Ring's 1x mirror. 

NOTE: It will not work on the 5x mirror. 

BONUS: When not using the 10x mirror, it can be attached to the front of the tabletop base. 

Setting up the Phone Holder

Step 1 - Rotate the mirror half way and push down on the top latch. Carefully pull the mirror towards you to release. 

Step 2 - Pull down the metal arm located on the back of the ring light 


Step 3 - Remove the phone holder from the back pocket and slide into the channel located on the front of the metal arm. 

Note: The phone mount can be positioned both horizontally and vertically. 

Step 4 - Power your phone using the built-in USB port located on the back of the ring light.

To Insert the Mirror

Make sure the phone holder is put back into the pocket and the metal arm is slid back into the ring light so the opening is unobstructed.

Step 1 - Line up the round hole on the bottom of the mirror with the peg located on the inside bottom opening of the ring light. 

Step 2 - Slide the mirror towards the top making sure to line up the top peg on the inside top opening of the ring light with the hole located in the mirror's release. 

You will hear it lock into place. 

We hope you enjoy using your Ilios Beauty Ring. 

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