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Article: Ilios: The Brand Behind the Name

Ilios: The Brand Behind the Name - Ilios Lighting

Ilios: The Brand Behind the Name

Ilios [noun] - Greek origin

  1. sun (star that the earth orbits)
  2. sunlight, daylight
  3. natural light, ambient lighting, golden hour

Synonyms: sunshine, light, warmth, beams, rays

Antonyms: darkness, night, shadow

Illios [name] - Greek origin

  1. God of sun, Sun God
  2. Son

Ilus [God] - Greek mythology

  1. God of the Trojan Race
  2. Founder of the great city Ilios, often famously referred to as Troy

Ellio - New Jersey Origin “Ellio’s Pizza”

  1. Frozen pizza
  2. Catchphrase: Loved it then…love it now

Ilios [name] - Urban Dictionary

  1. A baby-faced man

When founder Kelly Mondora set out to transform makeup lighting with The Beauty Ring, she knew the brand needed the perfect name to capture the attention of the cosmetics industry (spoiler alert: infamous Ellio’s Pizza was not the inspo behind the name!). She was looking for something that not only highlighted the brand’s product line, but also spoke to the innovation behind the idea. Thus, Ilios Lighting was born.

Ilios is a word of ancient Greek origins representing the sun in all its magnificence. It has long referenced greatness, inspiring the Greek name of the famed city of Troy, Ilios, and the powerful Greek god Ilus. More than anything however, Ilios suggests light, brightness and clarity. It is the antithesis of darkness, shadow, and the unknown. Light guides the way, paving a path towards greatness.

Light itself represents groundbreaking ideas and creative solutions and illuminates new paths. The lightbulb, for example. is a universal symbol of innovation, curiosity, and advancement. With this in mind, Kelly and co-founders Mario Dedivanovic and Jerry Ghionis chose the name Ilios to highlight The Beauty Ring for what it is, a one-of-a-kind tool never before seen in the beauty industry.

The Beauty Ring combines a high-quality, custom makeup mirror with professional-level lighting design to mimic natural daylight. The result is a flawless complexion, minimized shadows and near-perfect attention to detail. It’s compact and transportable and adapts for easy smartphone filming or photography. The beauty, cosmetics, and entertainment industries are known for breeding innovation, and are often at the forefront of social trends. Ilios Lighting follows suit with a flawless, game-changing product and a name to match.


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