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Article: Maximize Your Ilios Experience

Maximize Your Ilios Experience - Ilios Lighting

Maximize Your Ilios Experience

You’ve done the research, you’ve taken the dive, you’ve parked yourself at your front door, your new Ilios Lighting Beauty Ring arrives (eek!), and now it’s time to make some magic. Here are a few ways to get the most out of the best makeup mirror and ring light on the market.

Master the selfie

With Ilios Lighting’s Beauty Ring, their all-in-one mirror and ring light, you can absolutely perfect your makeup routine and then document the out-of-budget highlighter you splurged on.

The days of taking the same three pictures in four different settings in your apartment are long behind you with the Beauty Ring. You have a good side, we’ve all shuffled a group photo to make sure ours is showing. With the Beauty Ring, you can make it shine even brighter. When you take the reversible 1x/5x mirror out of the Beauty Ring, every angle hits differently as the light illuminates every beautiful thing about you.

The built-in “remove posable” arm and adjustable cell phone holder allow you to steady your shots and focus on the shimmer of your lip gloss, not the tremor of your hand. Just prepare for the consequences, like a swift uptick in Insta traffic.

Pro tip: Set the timer on your camera to go completely hands-free.

Ilios Beauty Ring for the Best Experience

Capture the fun with Ilios Beauty Ring

Don’t be selfish! Bring your Beauty Ring with you on an adventure. The Ilios Lighting stand is the perfect addition for when you and the squad need to take a group snap before a night out.

For example, no need to plan out all those cute bachelorette weekend outfits if you can’t document all the nonsense. So pack the super light-weight stand and your Beauty Ring in with all those punny shirts and koozies.

The stand can stretch from 18” to 5’5. This allows the Bride Tribe to selfie, and take some more discrete pictures out in public, but also to take a standing group picture, even after the sun’s gone down.

Group Selfie with Ilios Beauty Ring

You’re going to hope the wedding pics come out as well as your last wild weekend in Nashville. Which brings us to the final segment...

Hustle smarter

Are you a photographer? Vlogger? Video producer? Makeup artist? Well, then don’t forget to pack up your Ilios Lighting Beauty Ring for a killer workday.

Take your content from great to stellar when you harness the power of the Beauty Ring’s 98 CRI (basically the sun) light. So whether you’re hitting a move for TikTok or shooting a concept you’ve been working on for months, don’t lose any hard work to shadows.

Set up your shot for whatever your passion is with the Ilios light stand, pose the Beauty Ring in a way that puts what matters in the best lighting a ring light can provide, and pack it all away in the Ilios travel case.

When you tell people about the professional experience that went into the production of these products, you’ll stand out. Thirty years of makeup artistry, photography and studio production is bestowed upon your hustle. Use it wisely. So make sure to take your Beauty Ring with you to the office, whatever that means for you.

You’ve made the investment into the Beauty Ring, get the most out of it—while you’re getting the most out of life!

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