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Article: You Glow, Girl

You Glow, Girl - Ilios Lighting

You Glow, Girl

Not even the most expensive concealer can hide when you’re not feeling your best. Trust us, we’ve tried them all.

When you are feeling your best, you shine differently. The kind of shine that comes from inside, that’s infectious to even the poutiest coworker.

Tips to polish that shine

1. Have enough sleep

Sleeping Beauty had the right idea. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it’ll show on your face, in your demeanor, and your performance. That super well-reviewed setting powder is going to set right into those under eye bags.

  • Stop scrolling! Try setting aside some screen-free time to help you unwind from all the blue light. Pick up a magazine or a book if you need entertainment. Extra points if you go a step further and…
  • Journal! Empty that big ole brain of yours. When you’re anxious, you toss and turn. Sorting out your thoughts, or at least getting them down in front of you, will help you slumber through the night.
  • Strike a pose! You don’t have to be Halle Berry to do a little light stretching before bed. For those longer days, focus on shorter yoga routines that elongate your legs. When your body is restless, so is your night, so get that last bit of energy out.

Beauty sleep for glowing look

2. Drink plenty of water

It may seem like the most overused bit of advice ever, but it’s one of the lowest output activities with a great benefit. Water flushes all your less-fun-to-talk-about bits so you feel less sluggish, while hydrating your cells to work as well as they can. An added bonus: Staying hydrated can help keep your stress levels down.

3. Eat your veggies

Another cliche that really holds water (wink, wink). You can take your multivitamin, but nothing beats getting what you need from your diet. An apple a day, bananas to restore, strawberries for the heart… Whatever adage will get you to put some color on your plate and some goodness in your body.

Salad for healthy glowing skin

4. Get some sun!

You’re basically a needy houseplant. Sometimes, even on your sweatpants-and-messy-bun-I’m-not-leaving-the-couch days, uprooting yourself from the comfort burrito you’ve built for yourself is the best thing you can do. Put on some sunscreen and go collect some UV-based serotonin.

5. Jump in the shower.

You don’t need to wash, rinse, exfoliate and shave. You don’t even need to get your hair wet. Simply let the water run over you and wake up your body. Bonus points for getting a little soapy.

When you’re well-rested and giving your body what it needs, your day is a lot easier to face. Whether it’s a big presentation at work, a third date with someone you’re REALLY vibing, or you’re about to run a marathon, be all there.

We love makeup hacks, probably more than the next babe, but why make yourself need them? Get some rest, eat your vitamins, and water yourself regularly. Interested in more makeup tips? Read our article about the best makeup tips that our Ilios team came up with.

There’s so much value in investing care into your whole self.

Shine on, beautiful.

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