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Article: International Creativity Month with Ilios Lighting

International Creativity Month with Ilios Lighting - Ilios Lighting

International Creativity Month with Ilios Lighting

In case you haven’t heard, January is International Creativity Month, a whole 31 days celebrating creativity in all its forms, from photography to fashion and everything in between. The past few years of pandemic life have brought out the creative sides in all of us as we’ve turned to breadmaking, TikTok dances and DIY renovations for entertainment (and for sanity). Believe it or not, creative activity improves our physical and mental health and stimulates positive emotions, increasing overall happiness and boosting cognitive function. (Turns out baking sourdough is actually self-care!)

In 2022, we hope to keep the trend going with three awesome creative challenges for you and your Ilios Beauty Ring. Give these amazing ideas a try and tag us on Instagram @ilioslighting with the final product!

Boudoir Photoshoot

We’ve spent way too long indoors, wrapped in sweats and fleece blankets - It’s time to shed the layers and celebrate with a boudoir photoshoot. Whether you’re modeling or you have a friend or client to shoot, boudoir is notoriously difficult to master. Not only do models sometimes struggle with head-to-toe exposure but getting the right posing and angles can also be a challenge. As always, the trick to the perfect boudoir is the right lighting; incorporate the Ilios Beauty Ring into your photoshoot and we guarantee you will see the difference. If you’re working solo, the Beauty Ring comes equipped with a smartphone arm, making hands free photography a breeze. The results will speak for themselves!

 Boduior Photo with Ilios for Creativity Month

A New Headshot

Having a great headshot is like a staple of adulthood (phone, wallet, keys, headshot). We’ve all been in the awkward position of needing a headshot and being forced to take an awkward selfie instead (if you haven’t, you’re one of the lucky ones). This year, we pledge to fight unflattering headshots one person at a time – starting with our challenge to capture the headshot of your dreams. Like boudoir, portrait pics can be intimidating, but with the right lighting and a good angle, there’s no need to fear. The Beauty Ring is the perfect tool to capture a flawless headshot without falling prey to a stiff pose or awkward smile. We encourage you to get creative with it and experiment with different poses and settings; move your portable ring light from your office to your kitchen table, wherever feels most comfortable. Take it from Founder Kelly Mondora, you can’t go wrong with ring lighting for your new headshot.

 Kelly Mondora Ilios Founder

Flawless Face

Whether you’re meeting the girls for brunch or heading out for date night, you can never go wrong with a flawless face. Next time you’re getting ready, sit down with your Beauty Ring and show us the process. We want to see the prep, the palette, the glitz and gloss from beginning to end. For pros and amateurs alike, makeup is a form of creative expression that can be loved by all. The Beauty Ring simply elevates the look to the next level, bringing a touch of luxury and fabulous lighting to your routine and allowing you to capture your work in video or picture with a flawless finish. After all, you don’t have to be an influencer to appreciate the glow of a good highlight.

Ilios Beauty Ring for creativity month 

In 2022, we want to channel our creativity in ways that celebrate ourselves and highlight our best features. Join us in making this year the best yet!

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