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Article: Our Fave Met Gala Makeup Looks Over the Years

Our Fave Met Gala Makeup Looks Over the Years - Ilios Lighting

Our Fave Met Gala Makeup Looks Over the Years

Our Fave Met Gala Makeup Looks Over the Years

Every year, the Met Gala is the event for fashion and beauty fans alike to see their favorite celebrities walk the red carpet in outrageous, creative, and over the top outfits. While people tend to focus on fashion, some celebrities create iconic Met Gala outfits with their beauty looks. Makeup that stands out, is odd, and something you’d never think of attracts just as much attention on the red carpet as celebrity outfits do. 

Over the years, celebrities have graced the Met Gala red carpet in their unique makeup styles. We have put together some of our favorites and challenge you to recreate them yourself! Make sure you use the Ilios Beauty Ring to make your makeup look great at all angles. Then, take photos with the best lighting and show off your creations.

Lady Gaga’s Lashes for Days

Lady Gaga Lashes

In 2019, Lady Gaga walked the red carpet with long gold leaf lashes that made her eyes pop! Dramatic lashes have been done for the Met Gala several times by celebrities and they never disappoint. The gilded lashes complimented her stunning pink look.

Rihanna’s Dramatic Blush

Rihanna blush at met gala

Rihanna always stands out at the Met Gala, but in 2017 she really stole the show with pretty pink blush and eyeshadow. This blush swept across her cheeks and under her eyebrows, blending with her matching eyeshadow. This beautiful look perfectly complemented her sculptural pink and red outfit.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Silver Sparkles

Emily Ratajkowski’s Silver Sparkles

In 2019, Emily Ratajkowski wore a silver headpiece with wings on the side. She embodied a heavenly being with her silver eyeshadow and glimmering highlights all over. Her natural makeup was stunning and fresh-faced.

SZA’s Angel Look

SZA angel look for Met Gala

In 2018, SZA showed up to the “Heavenly Bodies” themed Met Gala with a gold headpiece and sparkling eyeshadow. She lined the inner corners of her eyes with shimmering gold and added gilded tears to complete the look. Leaving her hair down in a simple look added to the goddess-like appearance.

Lupita Nyong’o’s Twisted Updo

Lupita Nyong’o’s Twisted Updo

Lupita Nyong’o walked the red carpet in 2016 with a hairstyle that touched the sky. The conical hairstyle stopped people in their tracks while Lupita strutted in a gorgeous green dress. This appearance celebrated traditional African hairstyles and made an impact on everyone following the Met Gala that year.

Jennifer Lopez Crystal Ice Queen

Jennifer Lopez Met Gala

Jennifer Lopez pulled off an ice queen look at the 2019 Met Gala with a crystal wig and dramatic purple eyeshadow. Her entire outfit of crystals was complemented by her makeup look. The metallic purple brought out the shine of the diamonds she was dripping in! 

The Met Gala is known for bringing out the most ostentatious looks that become iconic in popular culture. Every year is a new year to find more inspiration for your makeup and beauty habits. If you’re a beauty guru, you can copy these iconic looks and create your own to share with your followers on social media. If you went to the Met Gala, what would you wear? 

You too can get these professional looks at home and take stunning photos of the results. Playing around with dramatic makeup is fun and you get a chance to be creative. Which Met Gala look did you recreate? Be sure to take photos and share with us on Instagram @ilioslighting!

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