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Makeup Artist Kelly Tull talks the Ilios Beauty Ring

Makeup Artist Kelly Tull talks about using the Ilios Beauty Ring

Kelly Tull is a pro makeup artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can see some of her most recent work with when she was on the set of The Today Show with Grammy Award Winners Emily Bear and Abigail Barlow the artists behind The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical

When we talked with Kelly she says “It just goes to show that you can never listen to what anyone says to you, you always have to follow your inner guidance.”✨ Kelly Tull is a big part of the Ilios fam. We continuously fall in love with her work and dedication to supporting fellow makeup artists. It’s an honor to watch your amazing journey!

We loved hearing that our very own Mario Dedivanovic of Makeup by Mario inspired her to never give up and follow her heart in doing exactly what she wanted to do.  Kelly has been passionate about makeup from a young age, watching her Mom who owned her own salon!

Kelly, we are so grateful for you and the incredible inspiration you provide to fellow makeup artists and are so honored Ilios is there to watch your amazing journey!

If you aren’t following her already, you can find Kelly on Instagram @kellytull, and she is part of the amazing team @leivagency. When Kelly is not creating looks on her clients, you might find her snuggled up with her kitties Tetris girl and Boogie man.


Whats in Kelly's Bag?

Kelly talks about a couple of her current favorites in her makeup kit. She is obsessed with this foundation from Charlotte Tilbury as well as this Dr. Bronner's hand sanitizer.


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