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Posing for Instagram Photography Tips by Jerry Ghionis

Posing for Instagram Photography Tips

Posing for Instagram has become an art form in its own right. No longer is it enough to take a photo. Now, it's all about the angle, the lighting, and the perfect filter. But what makes a truly great Instagram pose? Here are a few tips to help you up your posing game.

First, pay attention to your surroundings. A busy background can be distracting, so look for a clean background that will complement your outfit. Second, think about your body language. Are you slouching or standing up straight? Are you relaxed or tense? Pay attention to how you're carrying yourself, and adjust accordingly. Don't forget the little details. Straighten your necklace, fix your earrings, and ensure no food is caught in your teeth. With these tips in mind, check out the video tips below from world-class photographer Jerry Ghionis. You will be ready to start nailing those Instagram poses.

How to determine your best side

So what determines the best side of your face? Everyone has a favorite side. Kelly has her hair parted to the camera right telling us that she prefers this side of her face. If you want to slim the face, you will turn the other way, and you can see how her hair is cutting into her face and giving us a gorgeous frame around it.

How to shorten your nose 

Now Kelly is gorgeous, and we know that, but let's say she had a pronounced nose...hashtag long! You simply want her to bring the chin up, and then you shorten the length of the nose. Tilt this way, chin up. And tilt this way, chin up. Do you see how we have shortened the length of the nose? Now come straight on. Do you see how even still, her nose is beautiful but chin up, and we shorten it. 

How to create fuller lips 

Not everyone will have a gorgeous smile, and full lips like Kelly does in front of us right now. So if you want your lips to appear fuller, apart from using makeup tips that do that, all you do is if you are photographing yourself or someone else, you simply ask just breathe through your mouth. That little subtle parting of the lips adds more fullness without doing those duck lips and those little pouts we often see. Subtle breathing through your mouth and then chin forward and down. That little bit of subtlety...stunning.  

How to make your forehead smaller

Suppose you have a pronounced forehead. You never want to bring your head down and then look up towards the camera. You are going to make your forehead look larger. So what you do is simply bring your head up, tilt your head, and then you'll simply shorten the length and size of your forehead. Chin up a little bit more. Perfect. 

How to crop to flatter your face

If you have long hair and long bangs, you find that this kind of cropping right here...a breathing space just above the brow where the hair frames the face will be absolutely gorgeous. If you crop just like this, it makes you feel the head goes on forever, so we either allow cutting into the hair line, a bit of breathing space, or room just above the brow. Gorgeous.

How to highlight that feminine look

So rather than always face the camera, turn your shoulders a bit to the right or left, keep on going, keep on going. And then turn your chin to the outer shoulder...keep on going, and then eyes back, and now we have that feminine look.

How to equalize eye size

As gorgeous as Kelly is in front of us, you can see that her camera right eye is bigger than her left. If she turns her head to the right, you can see how her eye, which is larger, appears larger still. Now we can turn and face the other side, and if you have the smaller side towards the camera directly, you are making that eye appear larger, therefore evening up the eyes. 

How to play down your ears

Kelly has a gorgeous face and has no problem with her ears, but some of us mere mortals have pronounced ears, so what do you do? Well, you never face the camera perfectly. All you have to do is turn your face a little bit one way and hide the ear on one side or turn your face on the other, and of course, you can use your hair to cover up the ear as well. So you get one ear covered with hair, one ear covered with perspective, and life is good.

 How to create magic with backlighting

Ok, so you have the Ilios Ring Light illuminating the face. You look gorgeous, but you want to add some extra finesse. All you have to do is place your subject in front of a window or get a second Ilios Light, turn it on and look at the difference. Alright, let's go closer. MAGIC! 

Perfect pose plus the perfect makeup mirror with ring light

By following these simple posing tips for your Instagram photography, you can create beautiful and eye-catching images that will help you stand out from the crowd. And don’t forget to light your photos with The Ilios Lighting Beauty Ring – the perfect way to add an extra touch of luxury and sophistication to your Instagram feed. What are you waiting for? Start snapping some amazing photos today!

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