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Article: 5 Levels of Ring Light Brightness Tailored To Your Needs

5 Levels of Ring Light Brightness Tailored To Your Needs - Ilios Lighting

5 Levels of Ring Light Brightness Tailored To Your Needs

Calling all makeup lovers, selfie takers, Zoom callers, and TikTok aficionados! Just unwrapped your beautiful Ilios Beauty Ring but not sure where to begin? Decided to treat yourself to a well deserved, game-changing product adored by celebs, photographers and makeup artists alike? Let’s go over the basics so you can make the most of the one-of-a-kind, professional ring light that has wowed our customers.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the special features of each of the Ilios Beauty Ring’s five levels of brightness. The first all-in-one makeup mirror and ring light, our Beauty Ring was built to do it all. With five levels of brightness carefully designed to satisfy your every need, the Ilios Beauty Ring is here to help you take photography, videography, makeup application, and skincare to the next level. Designed to simulate natural daylight, the Beauty Ring is ten times brighter than competitive makeup mirrors and boasts user-friendly controls you’ll become comfortable with quickly. 

Level 1: Makeup Low Power Setting (10% power)

For flawless makeup application with a lighting boost, opt for our makeup low power setting. Carefully curated by celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, our low power setting can be used with cool, warm, or blended light. Gentle on the eyes, this setting helps to reduce makeup lines and improve your skincare routine. 

Level 2: Makeup High Power Setting (25% power)

If you prefer to apply makeup in brighter light, try our makeup high power setting. Designed to showcase details in true color, this setting was pre-set by Mario Dedivanovic for detailed application of makeup and hair styling. Our mirror is distortion-free and can be magnified 1x or 5x. For flawless brows and skincare, try our optional magnetic 10x mirror, a must-have add-on accessory! 

Level 3: Ideal for selfie headshots (50% power)

Capture the perfect professional headshot or eye-catching selfie with our mid-power setting. Put your best self forward without ever leaving your home, or take this portable, oversized ring light with you on the go. 

Ilios Ring Light for Tiktok and Vlogs

Level 4: Ideal for Zoom––and other video conferencing apps (75% power)

Illuminate your environment via video chat with our second brightest setting. The Beauty Ring Light goes above and beyond the competition––it even holds your webcam so you can achieve the perfect hands-free shot. Intended to cast even lighting that’s sensitive on the eyes, this setting projects constant, glowing light onto you and your surroundings. Impress interviewers, colleagues, and clients with a professional Zoom setup that’s delightfully simple to set up. 

Level 5 (100% power): Ideal for makeup artists, TikTok videos, and vlogs

Designed to fit your smartphone, our Beauty Ring Light holds your phone perfectly centered in both landscape and portrait mode. Unlike other ring lights, ours is designed to tilt so you can film videos and vlogs at just the right angle. Ten times brighter than competitors, our highest light setting is designed to adapt. Use the included tabletop base or mount to an optional light stand ideal for vlogging, selfies and makeup artists.

Whether you use the Ilios Beauty Ring Light for makeup application, skincare, selfies, Zoom calls, content creation, or all of the above, we know you’ll be impressed by its adaptability and professional-grade features. Order the Ilios Beauty Ring today to experience unmatched quality and sophisticated design.

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