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Article: The Very Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors

The Strategist The Very Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors

The Very Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors

This makeup mirror from Ilios Lighting is equipped with a thick, ring-light-esque band that’s ideal for those struggling with their eyesight. Sharon Brown, a director at an assisted-living facility, bought it after resorting to doing her makeup in the car in order to see better. “I don’t mind saying it — I’m 51, I’m getting older and having eyesight issues,” Brown says. “So having that extra light with the bigger surface area really helps to be able to see what you’re doing.” In conjunction with the 5x-magnified mirror, she’s able to get so up close and personal that she’ll notice “when my skin starts peeling” as a result of her anti-aging cream. But it’s not just an older demographic that benefits from this mirror: Brown bought a second one for her 17-year-old daughter, who likes to pop out the mirror and replace it with the phone holder to take pictures and videos.

Although Brown does mention that the mirror is hefty, that hasn’t posed a problem for Stephanie Antillon, a makeup artist and content creator who is disabled. Depending on whether she’s on a video call or working with a client, she’ll often transition the mirror between a desk stand and a floor stand, so she had asked the brand how much it weighs (about 6.5 pounds) before buying it “since my capacity to carry things isn’t the best,” Antillon says. Compared to other setups she’s had, she finds the Ilios mirror to be a breeze. “It’s so easy to detach and attach,” she reports. “It means a lot that even someone who has limited mobility is able to use this product.”

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