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Article: Setting Goals for the New Year: Our Favorite Products

Setting Goals for the New Year: Our Favorite Products

Ilios is intelligently designed and built with patented true light technology for incredible results. We have developed a kit to capture your work in the best light. With this kit, you'll have one of the most sought-after makeup mirrors to start your day with before converting it into a universal ring light for creating content.

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13 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors for Flawless Application

Why It's Worth It: For the pros, the aspiring pros, and the amateur MUAs with some cash to blow, the Ilios Lighting Beauty Ring is an everything-in-one makeup mirror. Crafted by lighting experts in...

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The Best Space-Saving Furniture Items For Your Small Apartment

If your bathroom is small and your space doesn't allow for a separate vanity, consider doing your makeup while relaxing and sitting down at your desk or table. All you need is a portable makeup org...

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