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Ilios Lighting

Product Tester

Test the products of the future.

You ask. we create.



Do you have a passion for beauty, fashion, and the Ilios Lighting brand?


Fill out the application form. Testers will be announced in mid-February.


Complete the testing forms and provide honest product feedback.


Keep the product and receive a $200 gift card once all testing is completed. 

We are accepting only 25 testers at this time. 

Testing Steps 

  • 01.

    Packaging - What condition did the product packaging arrive in?

  • 02.

    First Impressions - What were your first impressions of the product?

  • 03.

    Usage - What benefits and shortcomings have you discovered?

  • 04.

    Performance - How did the product perform with daily use?

  • 05.

    Perceived value - What is your perceived value of the product? 

Our product creations come from your requests! 

It takes 12-24 months to design a product, and our final step is to put it in the hands of real users like yourself to make sure we've thought of everything!  

You are the final step before we launch anything to market, and we are so excited to open up this opportunity to another 25 testers of our newest creation. 

Kelly Mondora / FOUNDER

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

What is the product we will be testing and can we share it with others?

It is a new makeup mirror, and you must keep it confidential until the product is announced. 

Is this product replacing any current products?

Absolutely not!  This product is designed to complement the current product line and offer users new features not found on other current products. 

When do you think the product will launch?

It depends on the feedback.  We have a habit of working on products and making changes until we feel it's perfected.  If we were to guess, mid 2024! 

How much time will this take me?

Using the product every day for makeup or skincare application takes the most time but is also the best part of being a tester :) 

We send five questionnaires based on the five steps listed above and finish with a phone call with our founder for the opportunity to provide even more information about your experience.  The more feedback - the more it helps us! 

Do I get to keep the product and do I have to pay anything?

Yes and no.  Yes, you get to keep the product and if you complete all the steps of testing, we will also send you a $200 Ilios Lighting gift card.  No, you don't pay anything.  We cover the cost of the products and all related shipping fees. 

When will the final 25 be chosen?

We will choose the final 25 in mid-February and notify you by email if you are accepted. 

What if I don't like the product?

That is what this is about.  We want to hear what you like but also what you don't like.  It helps us make any necessary changes or accessories before launching the product.