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Three industry experts bringing perfect light to the beauty industry.

Kelly Mondora

The Founder

Kelly has leveraged her decades of experience building lighting for the film and photography industry to offer a higher-quality alternative to the sub-standard makeup mirrors currently on the market. Wanting the well-respected perspective of a Hollywood makeup artist, she reached out to Dedivanovic and pitched the product to him. She also folded in famed photographer Jerry Ghionis to gain insight from the photographer perspective.

Kelly Mondora - Beauty Ring - Ilios Lighting

Mario Dedivanovic

The Artist

When Kelly reached out to me to talk about lighting, I was excited about what she had to say. Lighting is such a critical part of everything I do: from makeup application to content creation. And it can be hard to get it right. I loved her idea for this product, and I respected the fact that she was genuinely interested in learning about our industry to design the best equipment possible.

Mario Dedivanovic - Beauty Ring - Ilios Lighting

Jerry Ghionis

The Photographer

Kelly reached out to me about testing a light for the beauty industry. I first assumed it would be more of a consumer-level product. But after using it for only a few hours and experiencing it first-hand, I knew it would be much more than that. It shows true color and mimics daylight. If it can work for a professional photographer, it will be perfect for you!

Jerry Ghionis - Beauty Ring - Ilios Lighting