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Tips for Using a Ring Light for Your Small Business

When you have a small business, you become the bookkeeper, manager, social media specialist, advertiser, producer, photographer and more. While managing all of these aspects, good photography is one of the best ways to promote yourself and your business. Whether you sell products or services, you should take quality photos of your work and share them on online platforms.

Taking photos doesn’t have to be a chore or a struggle. With the right materials, you can have beautiful photoshoots of your work that help grow your business. Having good lighting is one of the most important parts of good photos.

We recommend using a ring light to take photos because of its versatility and ease of use. Ring lights will make your products or subjects stand out and ensure your photos look amazing. Don’t have a ring light yet? The Ilios Beauty Ring was designed to meet the needs of photographers and beauty gurus alike. It simulates natural daylight so your photos will be bright and beautiful. Here are some tips for using your ring light to take photos.

Position Your Subject in Front of the Ring Light

Rings lights are good for key lighting when you want to illuminate the subject directly. Using the ring light in front of your subject will spread the light evenly and get the best lighting. This is a simple way to start using a ring light for photography. You don’t have to be fancy with other light sources or backlighting. Make sure the ring light is close enough to the subject but not too close or it will be too bright.

If you want to experiment, you can always adjust where you place the light. There’s no rule. Just play around with it and see what you like the best.

Have a Clear Background

You can definitely add background items and colors to make your photos pop, but make sure the subject stands out. Usually it is easy to have a simple background with a color that complements the subject. Pictures with white or lighter backgrounds go well with other photos. If you have a certain brand aesthetic, stick to similar backgrounds for all your photos.

Check for Reflective Surfaces and Shadows

Ring lights are super helpful for finding shadows and surfaces that reflect in your photos. Every subject will cast light differently so before taking the photo adjust the placement. This will help avoid unwanted shadows or reflections. You can also adjust where you place the ring light to get more even lighting.

Change the Brightness of the Light

Just because you have the brightest light doesn’t mean you always need it. Sometimes you have a little natural light and don’t need the brightest light. Test out your photos with different settings to see which works at the location and time of day you’re shooting. Invest in a ring light that has different brightness settings. The Ilios Beauty Ring has five easy to use settings so you can adjust to any room or location.

We hope you love using the Ilios Beauty Ring for your small business. If you take pictures of your products with our ring light, we would love to see them. Share them with us @ilioslighting on Instagram!