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What is yellow light? Lighting 201

Beauty Ring - Ilios Lighting

You can look at a picture and think I can do that, easy! But there’s so much more that goes into capturing the perfect frame.

Light up your life

If you’re a long-time working photographer or an aspiring rookie, you are going to battle light. It’s a part of the craft! Even with experience, lighting changes with new angles, moving light, and different venues. An outdoor setting that utilizes the beautiful light of the sun is always a great option, but you still need to be cognizant of where the sun is and the shadows it creates.

You may think that having the sun at its highest point in the sky is optimal, but the shadow can turn your model into an unrecognizable figure. When the sun hits the brow, it shades the eyes or potentially the entire face. Set down a lawn chair and tan, when you notice the sun isn’t bronzing you anymore, you’re ready to start shooting!

That being said, if you’re going to shoot outside, go early in the morning or in the afternoon (hello, golden hour!). The brighter the light, the more to fight with. Another thing to keep in mind is to always shoot with the sun at your back to avoid competing with the glare. This will also ensure that the sun is lighting what’s in front of you.

If you can’t have the perfect lighting, make it!

Yell no to Yellow

Be mindful of what light sources are around you. Yellow light is not your friend.

Unfortunately, the majority of light bulbs have a low CRI, making them give off a hue which changes the color of everything it hits. It can be the color of your favorite sweater, but keep it in your wardrobe and out of your lighting!

When yellow light hits an object, it gives it an unexpected hue that is yellow or orange. It changes your complexion and allover coloring. Yes, you can edit those sorts of things in a photo editing app, but most industry folks would agree, it’s more impressive to take a great frame than to be an editing wiz.

Save your editing time for blemishes and flyaways, superimpose Bernie sitting with his cozy mittens, do something cool–don’t phone it in when you’re lighting.

Ilios Lighting to the rescue

The Ilios Lighting Beauty Ring, when set on the Ilios light stand brings the sun with you everywhere. With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 98, the hues mentioned above aren’t a problem. A 98 CRI score means that the lighting is 98% as accurate as if solely lit by the sun.

Unlike shooting outside in the natural light, having the Beauty Ring gives you the ability to move and manipulate the lighting as you see fit. Maybe even double up and use the sunlight as a base and move different shadows with your Beauty Ring.

When you play around and learn how to bend and move shadows with a diffuser and a light, you’ll really start to appreciate how important lighting is. You’ll start seeing how you can tell different stories, adjust the tone, and change the emotion in a photograph. Just make sure you’re in control with your Ilios Lighting Beauty Ring!