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Spotlight on the Harmful Effects of Harsh Light

Harsh light effect on the eyes

In our evolving world, we hear the near-constant echo of the words “self care”. Face masks, hair masks, and even foot masks abound in grocery store aisles. Taking care of your mental health is more respected than ever before, and younger generations insist on a better quality of life.

We love a hydrating hair mask and a luxurious mani pedi as much as the next guy, but we’ll do you one better: a ring light designed to care for your vision. With so many aspects of daily life attempting to undermine your self care journey, we at Illios stand with you. Tested to rigorous safety standards, our Beauty Ring outshines competitors and helps you to protect your eyesight from harsh, harmful light. 

Your Eyes on Digital Tech

Reflecting on how far technology has come in recent years, it can seem so much has changed in so little time. Wrapped up in the latest edition of our favorite devices, we sometimes forget how  tech like smartphones, social media platforms, and video conferencing software have totally changed the way we live. 

As our lifestyles have developed alongside these technologies, we’ve also learned a lot about the negative effects of the technology we use on a daily basis. From the effects of technology on our attention spans to our social skills, there’s no denying that the tools we use play a part in our well-being. Now more than ever, it’s important to consider whether the tech that makes our lives easier is taking a toll on our health! 

Ilios ring light harsh light

Focus on Wellness

One effect that––let’s be real, many of us don’t think about on a daily basis––is the toll harsh lighting takes on our eyes. Especially for those of us who spend long days in an office, exposure to fluorescent lighting can cause sore, itching, or burning eyes, among other inconvenient or downright damaging health issues. 

If you’ve been dealing with dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, or eye strain, you may not be too surprised to learn that these symptoms could have something to do with your exposure to harsh lighting. At this point, we’re all familiar with the concept of limiting kids’ screen time, but adults should be thinking about their own health too. 

Along with digital screens, exposure to cheap fluorescent lighting found in offices and *ahem*other ring lights can strain your eyes. Researchers now know that artificial sources of ultraviolet (UV) light can contribute to eye diseases like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. In the short term, harsh lighting can cause headaches, double vision, irritability, and can contribute to the frequency of migraines. We’ll pass.

A Brand You Can Trust

With so much on the line, don’t trust an inferior brand with your wellness. At Illios, we care about quality, performance, and the health and safety of our customers. Along with our attention to function, our Beauty Ring is designed to help protect your eyes and skin from damage so you can focus on what matters most!

Ilios ring light lighting settings