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Article: Mastering the TikTok Ring Light Trends


Mastering the TikTok Ring Light Trends

Mastering the TikTok Ring Light Trends

 If you’re on TikTok, you know how beneficial it can be for your video to go viral. If you have a small business or are promoting an influencer account, going viral is huge! It’s also important to consistently upload high quality and engaging videos to grow your account and reach more people. 

Rings lights are a must-have for anyone with social media accounts. They help you create quality videos with the best lighting. They’re also great as props in videos and can be used to make new TikTok trends.

Jump on Trends

There are a few trends using ring lights that have already become popular. One is the ring light challenge showing a before and after. The after is a dramatic dark background with the ring light illuminating the subject. Many people have used this trend with themselves, but it can also be done with pets, products, and anything else you’re trying to show off.

There are plenty of other videos you can make with your ring light. Try a makeup tips for beginners video or outfit of the day. You can also make your ring light the star of the video showing how you use it to create content and take photos. Get creative on how you use the ring light. Maybe you could show a unique setup for cool lighting for a photoshoot.

Create the Perfect Setup

Make sure you have everything ready from the background to the subject to the lighting. This is where you set up your ring light to capture the best shot. If you’re showing off your makeup, place the ring light in front of your face to get great lighting all around. 

Shooting Your Video

You can either shoot your video on the TikTok app or on your phone and upload it to TikTok later. Shooting on TikTok is easier if you can shoot it in one take or the video is short. It’s also easier to sync up to music. Editing is easier if you shoot on your phone camera if you need to put together multiple clips or have a longer video. Whatever way you choose, make sure the video is clear and has good lighting. 

Shorter videos are better. You want to get to the point quickly so viewers don’t lose interest. It is also helpful to entice the viewer to keep watching by promising something valuable like answering a common question or giving tips on how to do something.

Using Transitions

Transitions make your video more fun and engaging. Not every video is going to need transitions, but if you’re showing a before and after, changing outfits, or switching locations, using a fun transition will greatly help the video’s engagement. 

Trendy Music

Videos are popular because people can see movement and listen to sounds. All your videos should include some sort of sound whether you’re talking or putting music behind the video. Use songs that are on trend or currently popular to reach more people. There might be a trend based on a specific song, so don’t be afraid to do what others are doing.

Posting Your Video

Once the video is filmed and ready to post, make sure to give it a good caption. Ask your viewers a question or encourage them to comment. Accounts that are consistently active and have lots of videos are more likely to go viral. Stay up on the trends and be creative! We hope you have fun making TikTok videos using your ring light.

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