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Article: Behind the Name Ilios

Behind the Name Ilios

Behind the Name Ilios

A little background about the name Ilios

If you're reading this, you're probably wondering about the name Ilios. Ilios is the ancient Greek word for sun and is also the name of an important deity in Greek mythology. Ilios has a lot of meaning to us. We named our company Ilios Lighting because we believe that his name is very fitting for our company. Here at Ilios Lighting, we create lighting that can be used for makeup, content creation, product photography, and even Zooms.

Ilios is a greek word for "The Sun"

Ilios means sun, and for years, the sun has been the standard by which all other light sources are measured. The CRI, or Color Rendering Index, measures a light source's accuracy at rendering colors. The sun has a CRI rating of 100. Ilios Lighting has shocked the beauty lighting industry with their newest product, a makeup mirror ring light with a CRI rating almost the same as the sun (98CRI). Ilios Lighting's Beauty Ring is so close to the sun's CRI that it's virtually indistinguishable. This new light is perfect for anyone who wants to get the most accurate representation of colors possible. As you know, this is incredibly important when applying makeup. No one wants to put on red lipstick only to get outside to realize it's pink!


Ilios was the Greek god of the sun.

Ilios was also the name of a very important deity in Greek mythology. He was known as the god of the sun and was often depicted as a young man with a shining face. Ilios was also known as the god of healing; his light was said to have the power to cure diseases. In Greek mythology, Ilios was one of the most important gods. At Ilios Lighting, not only do we want to bring light into people's lives and help them feel their best, but we believe that beauty comes from within, and our lights are designed to help people feel radiant and see their unique glow.


At Ilios we want to bring light into your life and help you feel and look your best!

At Ilios Lighting, we are on a mission to help people feel good about themselves and their appearances. We know that when people feel good about themselves, they radiate positivity and confidence. We believe our lights can help people tap into their inner beauty and shine from the inside out. If you're looking for a way to boost your confidence and feel your best, then check out our collection of lights! You're sure to find something that will make you look and feel fabulous.

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