Suction Cup Setup Instructions

  • Make sure the area the suction cup will be adhered to and the suction cup are both clean and dry.
  • The suction cup should be unlocked. To ensure it is unlocked, turn it counterclockwise from the base.  
  • Slightly moisten the bottom of the suction cup with water and press firmly onto the surface. Ensure to use only a little water, which may cause the suction cup to lose. 
  • Twist clockwise until you hear it lock into place. 
  • Apply pressure to the metal ball to confirm it is firmly locked before attaching the mirror. 
  • Attach the back of the mirror to the round metal ball and tilt it to the desired position.

To Remove

  • To remove, first remove your mirror.
  • Then twist counterclockwise until you feel it release.  
  • Pull the tab on the bottom of the suction cup while holding it in place with the other hand to prevent accidental falling.
  • Store in a clean and dry place in between uses.  

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