Kim Kardashian describes the Ilios Beauty Ring as her favorite makeup mirror for her vanity

Kim K's favorite mirror also has a hidden ring light!

Who knows more about beauty than the queen herself, Kim Kardashian? This Instagram story went viral when Kim posted about a new makeup mirror that her long-time friend and makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, helped create. She praised it as the best makeup mirror she's ever seen. 

Joining her praise were many other celebrities and influencers, including Kris Jenner, Bella Hadid, Tati Westbrook, Debra Messing, Patrick Star, and many more. 

But did you know it has a hidden ring light too? Although its number one use is as a makeup mirror, the fact that it's probably one of the best quality ring lights out there makes this a unique product you can also use for teleconferencing, product and portrait photography!

Ilios Lighting makeup mirror with light ring perfect for vanity with 1x and 5x magnified mirror

"Your makeup is only as good as the light you apply it with."

Mario Dedivanovic

Makeup By Mario 

What makes it so good?

So what makes a vanity makeup mirror different from all the rest? We've all put our makeup on to go outside and discover how awful it looks in the rearview mirror. But we can't all do this every day. This is because outdoor daylight is the purest light and the best to apply makeup in. 

This makeup mirror is the first to match daylight by 98%, which is why this product feels so different when applying makeup. You see more detail and clarity. 

It also features a 1x and 5x reversible magnified mirror, plus an optional 10x magnified mirror. 

So how does it convert into a ring light?

ilios makeup mirror ring light phone holder webcam light
  • 01

    Remove the Mirror

    You can spin the mirror from a 1x to a 5x magnification and remove it with the clever pushdown release button. 

  • 02

    Pull Down the Built-in Arm

    The back of the mirror has a built-in all-metal arm you can pull down. 

  • 03


    Attach the Phone Holder

    There is also a pocket in the back of the mirror that holds the phone holder. Just slide it out of the pocket, and you can attach it to the arm and use it vertically or horizontally. 

    Mount your Smartphone

    Now place your phone inside the adjustable phone holder, and you're ready to create content! 

You can use it for portrait photography too! 

ilios ring light family photography portrait lighting
ilios ring light portrait photography

Take better photos!

Because of the quality of the ring light, you can use this for taking photos of everything from holiday cards to just cute photos of the kids. 

Five Dimming Levels

It has five dimming levels so you can adjust the brightness. 

Three Color Modes

It also has three color modes cool, blend and warm.  This allows you to adjust the light color to what you think looks best with different skin tones. 

Who created it?

makeup by mario dedivanovic celebrity makeup artist
ilios lighting kelly mondora
jerry ghionis photography nikon ambassador

Mario Dedivanovic

Celebrity makeup artist, educator and founder of Makeup by Mario. 

Kelly Mondora 

Lighting expert from the photo and film lighting industry. Holder of six patents. 

Jerry Ghionis 

Award-winning photographer & Nikon Ambassador.

The bottom line.

A good makeup mirror will cost $100-$200. 

A good ring light will cost $100-$200.

A good teleconferencing light will cost $100-$200.

Having everything in one is convenient and affordable. 

Where to find it?

Amazon > ShopHere 

Dillards > Shop Here 

Ilios Lighting > Shop Here