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Ten Instagram Photo Ideas

Ten Instagram Photo Ideas - Ilios Lighting

If you’re an influencer or have a large following on Instagram, then you are always searching for more photo ideas for your profile. Having unique content and photos makes your page engaging, but don’t discount the current trends!

Eye-catching photos that pop will make anyone stop and check you out. Be sure to have the best lighting when taking photos so they show up bright and dazzling on your profile. Here are ten Instagram photo ideas for your next post that are sure to be stunning.

Your New Makeup Look

While it may seem obvious, sharing your makeup look for the day or a new one you’ve tried is a great way to interact with your followers and show off your skills. If you’re a beauty guru, you’re probably already posting this every day, but why not change it up with a look you’ve never done? Using the Ilios Beauty Ring for lighting will help you capture the best image of your look.

Make Up Photos - Ilios Lighting

The View from Your Window

At sunset or sunrise or even in the middle of the day, share a glimpse of what you see now. Maybe it’s the sky that stands out or trees or a building. Even if it’s dark outside, this is an interesting picture to share.

Yvie Window Lighting - Ilios Lighting

Boudoir Photos

If you’ve just had a boudoir photoshoot, show off some of your pictures. A good photographer will help with boudoir photo ideas, but as long as you feel comfortable and confident, that’s all that matters.

Boudoir Photos - Ilios Lighting

Photo Credit @jerryghionis

Play Around with Water

Having an underwater photoshoot shows off your adventurous side and will surely attract attention. If you’re not up for plunging yourself below the surface, try doing a photoshoot with water droplets on your camera lens for a cool effect.

Couples Photos

If you have a special someone, post them on your Instagram. There are plenty of couple photo ideas you could stage together like taking candid pictures in a field outside or posing together in coordinating outfits.

Couples Photos - Ilios Lighting

Photos of Your Pet

People love to see animals on Instagram. If your pet does something cute or decides to sleep, snap a photo and share it with your followers. You could pose with your pet or try taking model shots of them with your ring light.

Pet Photos - Ilios Lighting

Photo booth Shoot

Try posing like you would in a photobooth and take lots of pictures. You can choose the best poses and faces and share a collage like the pictures you would get from a real photo booth.

Photo Booth Pictures - Ilios Lighting

Family Pictures

Get personal with your followers on Instagram and introduce them to your family. If you have family photos from last holiday season or your cousin’s wedding, post them on your feed and show off your quirky family.

Family Photos - Ilios Lighting

Post Your Favorite Products

If it's makeup, skincare, hair tools, or something else entirely, share what items you love to use every day. You can show yourself using it or simply pose with the product. Sharing your favorites is something your followers look for.

Beauty Ring Light - Ilios Lighting

Be Silly with your photos

Don’t be afraid to make funny faces or do weird poses in your selfies. This is a fun change to all the modeling on Instagram. Be unique. Be you.

Silly Photos - Ilios Lighting

No matter what you decide to post, make sure it’s true to you. At Ilios, we’re all about being authentic and confident. We want you to have fun while taking photos and do it in the best lighting!


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